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I am Remmirath, a web designer by trade and level designer by hobby.

I’ve pursued my interest in design since I can remember, by drawing things everywhere on my notebooks while in school or during family vacations.

One day I discovered how easy level design for my favourite videogame was  (Doom, that is), and began experimenting with Doom Builder 1.68. Since then, nothing has been able to stop me; I kept creating maps, studying different Doom source port features, until I settled on ZDoom as my main one, and GZDoom after the discontinuation of the former.

My fast growth in level design caught the eye of some important community members, and thus I was able to grow even further by contributing to prominent, large scale projects.

As of now, I’ve contributed to several community projects and released some solo maps. My main focus right now is the project known as Elementalism, made for GZDoom, alongside a plethora of talented people, who I’ve been very lucky and glad to meet along my journey.

Web Design

In real life, I’ve started by pursuing a career in computer science after high school, and after 7 more-or-less wasted years, between paying tuitions and barely passing any exam, I dropped out as I wasn’t going anywhere. That’s when I decided to use what I learned about computers, and apply it to something that I could really enjoy: graphic design.

The best way to do this was to pursue a career in Web Design. After a year of courses in a school in my hometown of Naples, I was fortunate enough to get in touch with some of the teachers there which allowed me to get a kickstart in this career, while another person who followed one of my courses, found me a job close to home, which I’m still holding on today: the paycheck ain’t great, but it’s slowly improving, and I’m happy with it.